I am 22 going on 23

23. It is not too young and not too old. I am standing in the middle of movement. Age increases every second and not every year because we learn many thins in every step we have. I write these stories and make some histories for my bright future. I never return my mistake in my past and try to fix it. Better if I change it become better thing. My ultimate in this age is “fix it”. This theme I took because I have goals in next year, new goals. If I looked back, I feel pleased enough with my achievement. Although I can’t get yet something great movement, like extent my education becomes bachelor degree. It is my sleeping dream. Beside that, it doesn’t mean I keep my step in same place. No absolutely. With my mature age, I can answer my curiosity on traveling and propose business line. Although it’s my first time to do those, I proud being my self to try something new that I never do before. Focus in these things, it never makes me forget something. Find my prince of course. Before he comes to find me, I am preparing my self and be a better person so that I get someone who I need. Not looking for perfect one but get someone who can make me perfectly. I hope in this 23, I can be found him and make forever promise.

Thank you, 22, for this one year. I learned so much from you. Get something bad until lose something good. I know it’s not ending yet. Losing for getting. Bad for good. Hurt for happy. Tears for smile. At the end, I will realize how important these roller coaster feeling. To teach me and make me become a tough person in my every single step.

From my bottom heart

Proud being



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